Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Wanderlust" reissue out now on Prophecy Productions!

We're pleased to announce that our debut album, Wanderlust, was re-released this passed Friday on Prophecy Productions. The new version comes in a visually stunning digipak with all new artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

You can order your copy at their official webshop:

The press feedback for "Wanderlust" has been overwhelmingly positive so far:

13/15 points LEGACY (GER)
5/6 points METALLIAN (FR)
9/10 points METALSTORM.NET
8.5/10 METAL1.INFO
82/100 points ROCK TRIBUNE (BE)
5/7 points METAL HAMMER (GER)

"The minimalistic experience of Finnr's Cane is an undertaking more than worthy of the adventure they unfold. From this point, expect exceptional things to emerge and remember the name Finnr's Cane." CHRONICLESOFCHAOS.COM
"'Wanderlust' is a showcase for delicacy – beauty in nature, tranquillity in times of anxiety, solace in the face of peril. I love it!" METALSTORM.NET
"An absolute must-have for fans of emotional, atmospheric music!" LEGACY (GER)
"This is not the usual Post-Black Metal album! This is more. 'Wanderlust' is an intriguing voyage into different landscapes of sorrow, melancholy and delicate freezing emotion!" GRINDZONE (IT)
"A really strong debut album in the tradition of doyens such as Ulver in their Black Metal period, early In The Woods..., but also newer bands such as Wolves In The Throne Room or Agalloch; at the same time, it sounds highly original and unique." EARSHOT.AT
"Fans of Agalloch will be really delighted with this strong album from Canada – or rather, they're going to have a spontaneous outburst of melancholia. Very good!" VAMPSTER.COM
"At this early stage in their career, Finnr's Cane are already masters at producing genuinely reflective black metal!" METALTEAMUK.NET
"Finnr's Cane have fashioned an album of hidden depths and one they should be justifiably proud of." ALTERNATIVEMATTER.NET
"The Canadians' music is intricate, varied, and touching. I highly recommend you to get your walking cane out, leave all mundane things behind you, and hazard this journey." WHISKEY-SODA.DE

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