Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We are very pleased to announce that our 3rd full length album, entitled "Elegy" is complete! In the next few weeks we will be finalizing the artwork and sending the master tracks to our friends at Prophecy Productions who will oversee its physical and digital release.

"Elegy" tracklist:

The Wayfarer
Strange Sun
Empty City
A Sky of Violet and Pearl

Stay tuned for further information regarding the album art and release date!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

3rd album details...

It seems like a lot of folks are interested in hearing about progress of a third finnr's cane album. Well in case you are wondering, it is well underway. The songs are 99% put together and recording of the final version should begin soon! We are extremely excited about this one.

In the meantime, here is a great review of our 2nd album by Frank Allain at Ave Noctum that we hadn't previously posted:


You can listen to any (or all) songs from our first two albums on the Prophecy Productions youtube channel:

"A Portrait Painted By The Sun"


Thanks everyone for your continued interest and support!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reflections on "A Portrait..."

The reviews are in for "A Portrait Painted By The Sun" and they are all so overwhelmingly positive! Thank you so much to all the individuals and organizations who have put time into reviewing the album.

Reviews for "A Portrait Painted By The Sun"

"...an enlightening journey from start to finish. The diverse textures and layers of this album are highly praiseworthy, and it’s something I will most definitely return to."
"...draws you in time and time again. The mystery is never revealed. Aren't those the kind of albums we cherish within our collection?...a perfect companion for a stroll in the forest"
"For fans of every Black Metal sub-genre, this album will please you from start to finish."
"Refreshing, relaxed, and very, very good, give your ears a break and take forty minutes to absorb Finnr’s Cane’s magnificent, otherworld musical landscapes, you’ll find it well worth the trip."
"a unique mix of intricate melodies, grainy toned guitar riffs, and melancholy lyrics that create an atmosphere that is full of mood and contemplation."
"The music of Finnr’s Cane is made to be felt with the heart...This album should provide you with many magic moments in the upcoming winter if you’re into melancholic and atmospheric black metal."

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"A Potrait Painted By The Sun" out now on Prophecy Productions!

Check out the official Prophecy website and stream the entire album online or order the digipak CD!


We will post reviews as soon as they become available. Thank you so much folks!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Portrait Painted By The Sun

Our 2nd full length album, "A Portrait Painted By The Sun" has finally been completed! The album is due to be released November 1st on Prophecy Productions, alongside label mates FALKENBACH with their new album, ASA.

Thanks to Benjamin K├Ânig at Sperber Illustrationen for providing beautiful artwork once again. You can pre-order the album (digipak CD) from Prophecy here. You can preview the songs "This Old Oak" and "Gallery of Sun and Stars" in the listening section. Feel free to tell us what you think!

                                                   A Portrait Painted By The Sun (2013)

                                                                    This Old Oak
                                                            Gallery of Sun and Stars
                                                        A Promise In Bare Branches
                                                                 Wind in the Wells
                                                                   A Great Storm
                                                          Time is a Face in the Sky

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gallery of Sun and Stars

As of today (and just in time for Winter solstice!), we have commenced recording of our 2nd album, which is tentatively entitled "Gallery of Sun and Stars". The album is a musical exploration of the cycles of nature, mainly the diurnal cycle of day and night- represented by the sun and stars. But the album also focuses on the cycle of seasons and the feelings that arise from the change of seasons, and represents the life-death cycle of all living beings. We are very excited to embark on this journey, and when it is complete, we hope that you will enjoy our creation.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Wanderlust" reissue out now on Prophecy Productions!

We're pleased to announce that our debut album, Wanderlust, was re-released this passed Friday on Prophecy Productions. The new version comes in a visually stunning digipak with all new artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

You can order your copy at their official webshop: http://shop.prophecy.de/product_info.php?info=p1193_FINNR-S-CANE---Wanderlust--Digipak-CD-.html

The press feedback for "Wanderlust" has been overwhelmingly positive so far:

13/15 points LEGACY (GER)
5/6 points METALLIAN (FR)
9/10 points METALSTORM.NET
8.5/10 METAL1.INFO
82/100 points ROCK TRIBUNE (BE)
5/7 points METAL HAMMER (GER)

"The minimalistic experience of Finnr's Cane is an undertaking more than worthy of the adventure they unfold. From this point, expect exceptional things to emerge and remember the name Finnr's Cane." CHRONICLESOFCHAOS.COM
"'Wanderlust' is a showcase for delicacy – beauty in nature, tranquillity in times of anxiety, solace in the face of peril. I love it!" METALSTORM.NET
"An absolute must-have for fans of emotional, atmospheric music!" LEGACY (GER)
"This is not the usual Post-Black Metal album! This is more. 'Wanderlust' is an intriguing voyage into different landscapes of sorrow, melancholy and delicate freezing emotion!" GRINDZONE (IT)
"A really strong debut album in the tradition of doyens such as Ulver in their Black Metal period, early In The Woods..., but also newer bands such as Wolves In The Throne Room or Agalloch; at the same time, it sounds highly original and unique." EARSHOT.AT
"Fans of Agalloch will be really delighted with this strong album from Canada – or rather, they're going to have a spontaneous outburst of melancholia. Very good!" VAMPSTER.COM
"At this early stage in their career, Finnr's Cane are already masters at producing genuinely reflective black metal!" METALTEAMUK.NET
"Finnr's Cane have fashioned an album of hidden depths and one they should be justifiably proud of." ALTERNATIVEMATTER.NET
"The Canadians' music is intricate, varied, and touching. I highly recommend you to get your walking cane out, leave all mundane things behind you, and hazard this journey." WHISKEY-SODA.DE