Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Portrait Painted By The Sun

Our 2nd full length album, "A Portrait Painted By The Sun" has finally been completed! The album is due to be released November 1st on Prophecy Productions, alongside label mates FALKENBACH with their new album, ASA.

Thanks to Benjamin K├Ânig at Sperber Illustrationen for providing beautiful artwork once again. You can pre-order the album (digipak CD) from Prophecy here. You can preview the songs "This Old Oak" and "Gallery of Sun and Stars" in the listening section. Feel free to tell us what you think!

                                                   A Portrait Painted By The Sun (2013)

                                                                    This Old Oak
                                                            Gallery of Sun and Stars
                                                        A Promise In Bare Branches
                                                                 Wind in the Wells
                                                                   A Great Storm
                                                          Time is a Face in the Sky

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